wXCASH Update #5

write in the X-CASH’s Discord by Paul Bugnot (May 18, 2021) | Republish on Medium by Ju (June 18, 2021)

Hello everyone !

I am not a fan of providing minor updates, but it’s important to give you an idea of how things are moving forward.

We have updated the front-end and landing page of the X-Bank to reflect the new features, and improve user onboarding and interactions with the account.

We are looking into a new version of the wrapped logo to better differentiate the regular XCASH to the wrapped version.

We are still moving the backend of the X-bank from Ropsten to Mumbai network (MATIC testnet).

We are in contact with several security contractor to provide us the smart’s contract security audits, which should be settled during the week. Still moving forward at a satisfying pace.

May I remind you that this is not a feature that someone already developed and we are forking from.

This is a brand new secured swap with tier 1 exchange grade security. We are putting everything to confidently let you swap XCASH.

Remember, better to wait a few weeks to not have 3 years of hard and dedicated work going to the toilet because a bug enabled people to print money and steal your investment.

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