wXCASH Update #8

write in the X-CASH’s Discord by Paul Bugnot(June 28, 2021) | republish on Medium by Ju (June 28, 2021)

Hello everyone !

I have some great news today, we are starting the first closed mainnet test round .

Since last update, Denis Podlesnykh have provided an insane amount of work to complete the setup of the MATIC mainnet node for the X-Bank.

We can additionally thank the Matic community for helping us on this step which was far from trivial.

We this step finished, we were able to plug everything to the existing structure, update the X-Bank backend, and here it is: we can now interact with the MATIC mainnet.

This is a withdraw of 5000 WXCASH (that I swapped with real XCASH) from my X-Bank account to my Metamask wallet.

These WXCASH are now on the MATIC mainnet.

If I want to, I can use the Polygon bridge now to transfer them to the ETH network. We will also be able to swap them against other currencies, on Quickswap for example ! This is exciting !

So now, what remains to be done?

  • The test: this mainnet closed test is really important, as we are now dealing with real XCASH and the mainnet WXCASH. Any bugs from now on will mean a loss of funds. That is why we are doing this in a closed party. We won’t miss to update you on the state of the test.
  • Documentation: Although quite simple, there is a need of tutorial and guides to help you navigate between the X-Cash blockchain, the Polygon Network and the ETH network. We will provide documentation and guides to help you understand what you need and what happens when you send to a network to another.

This is the last step before release, we have everything to launch after that! This is truly exciting, and I want to thanks everyone for their support and patience

Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan


Polygon (MATIC) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x89c69b96198f302d4b2cb69dcc529aa230a445ab02d6363c07b2278a55e4089a.

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